Power Purchase Agreement of 10 megawatts Esfandaqeh solar power plant

After issuing permits for the construction of the 10 megawatts solar power plant of Esfandaqeh, Kerman, a Power Purchase Agreement was signed with Iran’s Renewable Energy and Electricity Efficiency Organization (SATBA) on 12th march of 2022.


Launching of Gachsaran 34/29 MW gas power plant

After carrying out the design and construction stages of Gachsaran 34.29 MW gas-engine power plant, the units of this power plant were put into operation in October 2019. The first unit of this power plant with a capacity of 9.78 megawatts on 13th october 2019, the second unit with the same capacity on 13th october 2019 and the third unit of this power plant on 14th october 2019 after synchronizing with the national grid it connected to the grid. Currently, this power plant is operating at full capacity.



Inauguration on-roof solar power plant

Opening of On-roof solar power plant installed on Farhangian Saving Fund (Sandough Zakhireh Farhangian) headquarter building with a capacity of 20 kilowatts in February of 2019.


Iran Post Bank directors Site visit

As regards, a part of the financing of Gachsaran power plant project by Post Bank of Iran, Gachsaran gas-engine power plant had been visited by Iran Post Bank directors along with the mayor and governor of Gachsaran city in augest 2019.