Considering the ever-increasing demand for energy, particularly the electricity on the one hand and on the other hand,the environmental issues becoming a notable and effective factor to move investments toward energy fields with aspects of clean and environmentally friendly methods and acceptable efficiency.

In fact, the field of clean energy is one of the strategic and productive fields these days and definitely in the near future.

According to the resolution of the Policy Council of the Farhangian Savings Fund Institute (Sandough Zakhireh Farhangian) Based on the optimal composition of the fund’s portfolio, It has been decided that the share of the power plant industry in this portfolio will be around 10%. This amount of investment requires the development of a comprehensive and strategic plan to achieve an optimal variety of all types of power plants, including DG, solar, combined cycle and wind, within a 5-year period.

In this regard, Farhangian Savings Fund Institute entering this field of industry as an investor, and this mission was assigned to the Iranian Power Plant Processes Management Company (MAFNA), so that Farhangian Savings Fund Institute can restore its portfolio and benefit from its resources. As a result, it will play an effective role in the sustainable development of the country.